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Video editing

Our in-house video conference center will provide you with an easier solution to reach clients and associates around the country.

Avoid travel costs and the associated headaches out being out of town by calling to schedule a video conference. Just let us know a city that we'll need to connect to and we'll take care of finding an appropriate location to conference with.

video conferencing


Glass City Legal Media specializes in legal video depositions of witness testimony. Working closely with area court reporters, video depositions can provide an added element in trial preparation. 

Glass City Legal Media records both standard and high definition digital video that will be burned to DVD following the completion of the deposition. 

​Have an event video or training video you're looking to create?

We've got you covered. Just contact us to discuss the details for what you need and we'll get you on the right path.

Need your video and audio files edited for courtroom playback? Contact us today to schedule a meeting about the solutions that you're looking for.

Need audio or video files converted to the appropriate file format? Call or email with questions and we'll find you answers.

​Corporate and event video